Hi guys! Finally I have received Hen party pictures! Nooo I am lying I did receive these pictures few weeks ago! ;D I became so lazy.  Just to try to sit next to computer in the summer time is so hard! ;D Sorry guys ;/ But we all know that everybody trying to enjoy every second of the beautiful weather. Anywhere : next to the beach or next the lake together with your friends. So that’s what happened on the hen party. We went to Palanga. This is the city next to the sea side in Lithuania. It was such an amazing day. I still remember it was the hottest day of the week. The sweat from our body’s was running like water from the tap. ;DD We did travel from my home town city to Palanga by car. I think it took us about four hours to drive to there. But before we traveled to Palanga one of my best friend came to my parents flat to start this fantastic day in the early morning . That moment first challenge started ;D I love challenges! Then I heard: – You have 1 minute to accomplish this challenge!  I was running like a baby dog all over the place with  happiness on my face. I loved all the tasks, challenges and of course my best memory’s which my friends remained me from all our experience together.  I am so happy that I have such a brilliant friends which made this day so special to me. I will remember this day forever. I can’s say THAAAANK YOUUU enough.!!!

Love you all so much!!❤

Love B! x

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It’s a GIRL!!! I am feeling so good when I look trough these pictures. It seems just like yesterday we had this photoshoot while we were waiting for little princes Lukne to join the world. I remember when Agne was showing to me a lot of adorable clothes, shoes, cute toys. Everybody were waiting for this special day. Finally Lukne born on 18th of July 2016. I am so proud for my friends who created the cuties family ever. They are the mam and dad for a sweet little baby girl. It’s crazy, amazing and such a gift.  This cute baby stolen all our harts! We’re really excited about both and hope babyhood brings with it lots of wonderful and long lasting memories. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. Love you!❤

With love B! x


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Hello everyone!

It’s been  a long time when I wrote something about my life in this blog! I just got back to my normal life routine a few days ago! To update you guys we got married! We had such a nice time. We waited so long for this special day! I will talk about the wedding in my next blog post! But the thing why I uploaded these pictures is just to remember the trip before we went to Lithuania. It was really  nice weekend! Relaxing next at the beach, listening the sound of the ocean. It’s something special! If I could I will definitely live next to the ocean. We coming back to this place again. I know we are just coming and coming back. ;DD But there is something just special about it. Hopefully you are doing good! From now on I will update my blog ones a week! See ya!

Love B! x

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A simple, easy to follow recipe how to make light and fluffy lemon donuts. Perfect for any occasion! It would make the perfect sweet snack for someone who isn’t into something too sweet.



500g cottage cheese

4 large eggs

5 tbsp icing sugar

10 tbsp raising flower

2 tbsp lemon zest

2 tsp vanilla extract


Mix all ingredients together and stir it well. Then start to make small ball shape donuts and just fry in the hot oil. Fry till you see when it will transform in to gold color. It did amaze me that it disappeared from my plates so quick.


Love B x


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Finally I received my jeans! When I was in London last weekend for a shopping I saw these cute jeans. But I didn’t buy it. I tough I will find something better and cheaper. But of course I didn’t ;D When me and my friends were traveling back home from London I bough these jeans online. I finally received my parcel yesterday. Since the first time I have wear these jeans I fell in love with it. For so long I was looking to get a nice boyfriend jeans which will suit me. I am so happy with my purchase so I made a small photo shoot before I went to town. I love it!  Guys what do you think?

Top :: River Island

Jeans :: Zara

Love B! x




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Wedding day is coming faster and faster! More then one more month left! The days then we have day off usually we go for a coffee to our favorite place ,,Connors coffee,, At the moment is so nice to plan our wedding with a coffee in your hands! It was such a funny day! We need to choose the songs which instrumental group will play for us on our wedding day in the church. Finally we have chosen songs for this moment!

Songs for wedding ceremony:

Christina Perri – A thousand years

David Guetta feat Sia – Titanium

Celine Dion – The power of love

Pharrell Williams – Happy

Bruno Mars – When I was your man

Coldplay – Paradise

Ellie Goulding – How long will I love you

Stewie Wonder – Isn’t she lovely

Bruno Mars – Marry you

Whitney Houston – I will always love you

Adele – Make you feel my love

Love B! x

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Spring is finally here!! I love this beautiful time of the year! This week the weather was so incredible! It was above 20 degrees!;ooo Now I just want to go outside in my garden and spend all day next to this beautiful tree. Are you enjoining the spring weather too!?

Love B! x

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Jacket :: H&M

Dress :: Zara

Shoes :: Converse

It just me or when I am wearing floral clothes I feel so girly! Do you feel the same? I love this dress from Zara. I feel that I can wear this dress as a casual outfit or even for a night out. It was such a nice morning! Me and my boyfriend were walking around the park in this beautiful spring weather. 23 degrees it just a perfect weather to enjoy.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

B! x


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Hello everyone! I think everybody have that day when you think ,, Okay today I definitely need to wash my hair,, ;// But wait not really! There are three different hair styles which will help you to survive another day without washing your hair!



My number one favorite it is hair braids! I am wearing this hair style nonstop this year. Since I have learned how to do these braids it become my go to style. First you need to separate your hair in two different parts. What you need to do just to put your section of hair from the side and bring in to the middle. In the beginning it will be hard but after it will become easy. I found out much more easy to do it not watching in the mirror.



My second favorite it is messy bun! It is such a quick hair style to do! Just put all your hair up in to high ponytail like it shows in the first picture! Need to remember bun don’t need to be neat, because its a messy bun.;D Now just take your ponytail and twist. And now just try to transform in to a bun! Secure it with another hair rubber.



And the third one it’s double buns! First you need to separate your hair in two sections. Put all your one side hair together in to ponytail and do it the same with another side! Twist the ponytails and try to transform in to buns! And that’s it you have your cute double buns! Of course mine didn’t look that perfect this time! ;D




I hope you enjoy the hair styles and thank you so much for reading!

B! x

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I absolutely love Oxford! It is one of my favorite city I ever been. From the pictures you can see it is a city with an old soul. There is so much rich history and culture for you to explore.I love love love these buildings. They have original color and not like most of the city’s have black and white. I am definitely recommending to go and visit Oxford!

Love B! x

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