This is a little post about my make up routine. Most of the days I am not wearing any make up. But before I go to visit my friend or to go somewhere I am putting a little bit of make up on my face. So today I will show you guys which products I am using for a long time now.


Step one:

Moisturizer and primer. It’s important to moisturize your skin before you put any make up on your face. Everybody want to have nice and smooth skin. So better don’t skip this. ;DD And of course primer to keep your make up longer.


Step two:

Oops! Forgot to make a picture of my foundation and concealer. I am using ,,Clinique even better,, foundation and my favorite concealer is Maybelline ,,Instant Anti – Age The Eraser Eye,,


Step three:

Bronzer and contouring. I am using the same product for all my face to get a bit more tan and for contouring. I fell in love with this wonderful Chanel bronzer. My skin looks so smooth after i use it. Even my friends asking all the time what kind of product do I use. So I definitely recommend Chanel ,, Soleil Tan De Chanel,,


Step four:

We almost finished ;D After contouring I am putting on my face highlighter . It’s my number one Mac highlighter . Product which gives it to me nice glow. It is Mac ,, Skinfinish Poudre De Finition Soft & Gentle,,


Step five:

If don’t decide not to wear make up I always need to make my eyebrows. I can’t leave them like that. I am using for a long time this product now. Already used all of it. ;D


Final step:

All the time I am using two mascaras. One is not enough for me ;D I am putting first ,,Volume Express,, mascara and then ,,Extreme, mascara ;D These two mascaras together do miracles.


Thank you for reading!

B! x

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