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Hello guys for this blog post I desisted to do simple recipes for Halloween. I can say its not that beautiful but believe me its definitely tasty. There supposes to be 3 recipes but one of them failed. Next time definitely I will choose cupcakes. ;DD The recipe which I saw in Pinterest looked really easy but it wasn’t. First recipe I called ,,Witches hat,, Its so easy to do it. You need Oreo cookies and icing. Yo can chose the color which one you like. I chosen green. As you can see on the picture you just need to put icing on the cookie. To finish the look I put melted chocolate on top. Another recipe is a nice snack for parties or just for simple snack next to computer. Its like mini pizzas. I cut round shapes from tortillas and simply add all ingredients on the top. When all ingredients are in places just take mini pizzas to a oven for 5 minutes. I put olive peaces on top to make like a mummy’s eyes. Cheese melted so badly that it looked like mayo with olives ;D But still something different to try. Have a nice Halloween guys!

B! x


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