Hello everybody! How are you doing? Are you ready for Christmas? I am ready for sure! I can’t wait for this beautiful celebration! But before Christmas I would like to write a blog post about my favorite items which I fell in love with.


Lush is one of my favorite brand. Everything smells so fresh and clean there. These two items are my life savers. One of my best friend advised me to buy this ,,Tea tree water,, product. Since this day I am so thankful to her. And of course ,,Grease lightning,, amazing product for my spots.


I love this eyeshadow.;oo Its really pigmented and shimmer. I am using this item non stop for past two weeks.


Omg this perfume! I heard really good feedback about this perfume from a lot of girls in previous weeks. I am the person who use to use just two different perfumes in my life. I am very specific with my perfume smells. But this one is so good! It’s definitely in my perfume top 3!


Lip shades! I think all make up looks much better with a bit darker lips. This dark mat lip-gloss looks amazing with full night make up. But if you want just a little bit of color this lip liner is definitely for you. I bought this lip liner from Pirmark for one pound. I never buy any make up products from Primark but this time I want to try it. I can say this liner definitely doing it’s job. It stays for a long time and the shade of color is brilliant.


Concealer! For this item I will give 5starts!;oo I love it! This concealer covers very well black circles under your eyes and spots or some blemishes on your face. If it is not good enough for you anyway this product costs just 4 pounds!


Primer and finish spray. When I am using make up I have two most usable items. This primer gives your skin more bronze look and makes your foundation smoother. Prep + prime melts all your make up so nicely that it will give you more natural look.


And last but not least item is Top Shop earrings.

B! x


  1. December 23, 2015 / 11:08 pm

    Merry Christmas to you!

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