Hello everyone! I think everybody have that day when you think ,, Okay today I definitely need to wash my hair,, ;// But wait not really! There are three different hair styles which will help you to survive another day without washing your hair!



My number one favorite it is hair braids! I am wearing this hair style nonstop this year. Since I have learned how to do these braids it become my go to style. First you need to separate your hair in two different parts. What you need to do just to put your section of hair from the side and bring in to the middle. In the beginning it will be hard but after it will become easy. I found out much more easy to do it not watching in the mirror.



My second favorite it is messy bun! It is such a quick hair style to do! Just put all your hair up in to high ponytail like it shows in the first picture! Need to remember bun don’t need to be neat, because its a messy bun.;D Now just take your ponytail and twist. And now just try to transform in to a bun! Secure it with another hair rubber.



And the third one it’s double buns! First you need to separate your hair in two sections. Put all your one side hair together in to ponytail and do it the same with another side! Twist the ponytails and try to transform in to buns! And that’s it you have your cute double buns! Of course mine didn’t look that perfect this time! ;D




I hope you enjoy the hair styles and thank you so much for reading!

B! x


  1. May 5, 2016 / 11:27 am

    These hairstyles are so cute! 🙂 You look gorgeous!

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