Hi guys! Finally I have received Hen party pictures! Nooo I am lying I did receive these pictures few weeks ago! ;D I became so lazy.  Just to try to sit next to computer in the summer time is so hard! ;D Sorry guys ;/ But we all know that everybody trying to enjoy every second of the beautiful weather. Anywhere : next to the beach or next the lake together with your friends. So that’s what happened on the hen party. We went to Palanga. This is the city next to the sea side in Lithuania. It was such an amazing day. I still remember it was the hottest day of the week. The sweat from our body’s was running like water from the tap. ;DD We did travel from my home town city to Palanga by car. I think it took us about four hours to drive to there. But before we traveled to Palanga one of my best friend came to my parents flat to start this fantastic day in the early morning . That moment first challenge started ;D I love challenges! Then I heard: – You have 1 minute to accomplish this challenge!  I was running like a baby dog all over the place with  happiness on my face. I loved all the tasks, challenges and of course my best memory’s which my friends remained me from all our experience together.  I am so happy that I have such a brilliant friends which made this day so special to me. I will remember this day forever. I can’s say THAAAANK YOUUU enough.!!!

Love you all so much!! <3

Love B! x

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