Hello, everyone! Finally, I found some time to prepare this long blog post about Thailand. Such an amazing part of the world which you can’t describe just with words. So I thought about all the place where we have been and I finally get to my top 10 favorites.

1. Rang Hill

I love love loooove this place! This place was on my wish lists! Beautiful view of the island in Thailand. It was nice to see Phuket from above. We were so happy that we came to this place in midday. The viewpoint was almost empty. Definitely recommending to visit this place!


2. Freedom beach

We are not really people who go to the beach, but we visited some beaches and the best one is Freedom beach! The Trip to the beach isn´t easy but it was worth it. It was a great hike. ;DD The entrance cost 200 BHT there because it’s private beach. Water was crystal clear. We stayed on the beach to watch a beautiful sunset.


3. Elephant sanctuary

Can’t describe the feeling after meeting these with amazing creations! Elephant sanctuary is the place where you can see rescued elephant, play with them, feed them and have a bath together in the lake. It was such a nice experience. The feeling inside of me after seeing these animals brought me to tears. We learned so much while we were visiting them. What I liked the most is that the owner and elephant relationship were amazing. You can see from elephant behavior that they are like best friends.


4. Monkey Hill

Probably the highest hill in Phuket Town is Monkey Hill. Monkey Hill is a home to a lot of monkeys who lives on top of the hill. Of course, we took a challenge to hike this hill.  From this day I had a good lesson always wear a hat. I had a heat stroke.It wasn’t good. But the monkeys were so cute! The little baby monkeys were coming to you for a bottle of water or banana. I still can remember a moment when my husband and monkey were so scared each other. ;DD You were able you hear the screaming from both sides. ;DDD


5. Old Phuket Town

Such a nice place to walk around and try all the food that we walk pass by. Seeing a lot of colorful building and learning their culture. It has many things to see my eyes was looking nonstop at beautiful statues, shops, restaurants. We have been in Phuket town even two times. We came back on the weekend for the food market. It was such a nice experience to taste all different Thailand traditional food.

6. Phi Phi island

You can’t say no to this place! It feels like paradise It was the best decision to rent a canoe on this island. Incredible feeling to see the island from different angles! I can’t lay it was quite scary for me! ;D I was imagining sharks all over the place;DDDD


7. The Temple

A visit to Thailand is not complete without seeing at least one of the beautiful temple. The architecture is inspiring and the decoration on building or even walk areas like no other. We walked almost to hours to reach this place. I think it was one of our best decisions just to walk till this place just to have an idea how not tourist places looked like.

8. Tuk Tuk

Tuk-tuk is open air taxi without a windows or doors. Love tuk-tuk and can’t understand why people saying it’s a scam ,,do not try it”. It was a fun experience to have a ride to our hotel with tuk-tuk.  The driver was so old but can’t say that from this driving. ;DD

9. Bamboo rafting

A relaxing bamboo rafting experience along the river made a memorable day. Our guide had told us that we would get very wet, so I didn’t take my camera. But it wasn’t so wet. So if you have a camera you don’t need to be afraid to take it with you. It really was quite relaxing time with sunshine and views, with the water keeping us cool as it seeped through the cracks in the raft. There was quite a lot of action to take in along the river. We saw 2 snakes and a spider.

10. Sunsets

Omg sunsets!! I never thought that sunset can be so beautiful. Every single evening I just wanted to sit and just enjoy the beautiful view. It’s one of the magical moments in a day.


Okay, guys hopefully this blog post wasn’t too long! Have a nice rest of the weekend. Please let me know if you been to Thailand before or are you have an idea that you would like to visit.

Love B! x


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