I can say FINALLY! After almost three years of planning my friend finally came to visit me in England! It is such a nice feeling to spend time just two of us. Wen I am coming back to Lithuania I need to rush and go to visit everyone. But this time it was mush better just two of us and big cities of Egland. In my opinion, I will definitely rather enjoy spending time with a friend exploring places, trying new food and then just to stay at home. So of course as it was the first time for my friend to explore England we visited few popular cities: London, Brighton, and St Albans. The first place which we visited was the popular city – London! We walk around: historical places, streets to feel the main the meaning of London. We made even 33000 steps at end of that day. I enjoy to come back from time to time to London but the best time to explore London is with friends company. The second day we decided to visit the lovely city of Brighton. My friend loved this place! We had much more chilled time to enjoy beach view, live music, and delicious food. I love this time of the year when all pubs start to move tables outside for live concerts. We were so lucky with the weather as well, as we know England’s has rainy days ;DD And finally but not the least favorite – St Albans! A small city with a beautiful river and amazing cathedral. We visited both of those places. When we were walking through the streets we found an amazing restaurant called, Thai Restaurant, I know I know.. ;DD We definitely needed to try food in this restaurant to compare with food from Thailand. We weren’t disappointed. Food tasted exactly the same as in Thailand. Now we know the places where we can eat Thai food if we will miss the feeling of Thailand holidays.

Just wanted to say that I had amaaaazing 4 days with my best friend. As I am looking back to those pictures I realized we are such a good team together! In these 4 days, our friendship had everything:  serious talks, silliness, chill times, craziness. I am looking forward to the next holidays together!!

Love you A!

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